New Year Inspiration

Five of the Gallery VIII artists had the pleasure of attending an annual ten-day artists’ retreat in the beautiful Texas Hill Country this January. This uninterrupted studio time for the artists proved extremely rewarding and productive! Marie Renfro, Martha Rea Baker, Deborah Shannon, Donna Shuford, and Maryanne Reeves  traveled to the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, TX where they each created an impressive body of work.

What a joy to begin the new year gaining inspiration and creating new work!

Examples of the paintings and collages created during this time are posted below. Please visit each artist’s page to view additional artwork created in January, 2016.



Marie Renfro    “Breaking Barriers”    30″ x 22″    Acrylic Collage




Martha Rea Baker    “Colores de Malaga VI”    30″ x 30″   Acrylic



Deborah Shannon    “November in the Garden”    Collage

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