Deborah Starr Shannon

IDeborah S. ShannonThe use of simple shapes and saturated color are now the primary elements Deborah Shannon exploits to express her feelings in her paintings, which are frequently enriched by a layering process. Often she strives to achieve a sense of abstraction without becoming nonrepresentational, a challenge the artist finds intriguing. She works now in numerous mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage and photography on both paper and canvas.

Deborah Shannon’s work has won her numerous prestigious awards as well as signature membership in: the Southwestern Watercolor Society, the Texas Watercolor Society, and in Associated Creative Artists. Recently she was invited to exhibit in a show in Milan Italy.


The Hill Country Collages

In January of 2012, Deborah traveled to the Texas Hill Country for ten-days of intensive studio painting in Ingram, TX at the Hill Country Arts Foundation. During this time, she created more than a dozen collages using found objects and unique papers.

Three of her collages are posted below.

Mardi Gras Mask VIII           Collage

Mardi Gras Mask IX               Collage

Winter in the Garden           Collage


The inspiration for Deborah Starr Shannon’s recent paintings comes from her trips to Europe and the Far East and from her native New England.

Farm Buildings

Farm Buildings


Her work is currently on display at her studio in Dallas, TX. To make an appointment or for further information you may contact the artist at or at 214-692-8927.

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